Lee JongHyun and Food

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Jong Hyun’s infinite love to pork soup(Doiji Gukbab).
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Yong Hwa: Say anything you want to eat

Jung Shin: Spaghetti

Min Hyuk: Kim Chi Jigae(stew)

Jong Hyun: Doiji Gukbab (Pork Soup)

MCs: What! Doiji Gukbab!! Ah he is from Busan!


Jung Shin: (If I go to Busan) I want to eat Doiji Gukbab.

Jong Hyun: Ah! Doiji Gukbab!!

Yong Hwa: What a reaction.

Jong Hyun: Doiji Gukbab… I can’t live.

Yong Hwa: Yon can’t live in Doiji Gukbab, it’s too hot.

Jung Shin: (again) I want to eat Doiji Gukbab.

Yong Hwa: “I can’t live in Doiji Gukbab.” kuk kuk kuk

Jong Hyun: I wanted to say ‘I go nuts with Doiji Gukbab.’ (But it’s too harsh expression.)


DJ: What does Doiji Gukbab mean to Jong Hyun?

Jong Hyun: When I eat Doiji Gukbab, I regret my life. There’s such delicious food in this world, I must live diligently. (lol our food philosopher)

DJ: Hahahaha I know what it is. You feel in from your heart.

Jong Hyun: To keep eating this, I must work hard.

credit: saturn.@soompi

[Trans] 110501 CNBLUE Fansign {PorkSoup Special Episode}

fan: here (give him a book) as I promise.. but you don’t remember do you?

jonghyun: (look at the nickname) **nuna? you nickname is too common (so he doesn’t remember me T__T)
fan: the one that u said you like dweji gukbab (pork soup with rice)more..
jonghyun: ah yes i remember
fan: so how bout today?
jonghyun: i like u today

credits : DC JYH

translation by: @blue_jus7

shared by @LimelsnstSour

In the Previous episode of Lee Jonghyun and Pork Soup Love Story 

(I brought a book for Minhyuk)
MH: What’s this?
Fan: I heard Yeo Junhee of your drama likes Tu Fu, so I bought a poem book of Tu Fu.
MH: Wow Thanks!
(I explained him about the book. Next was Jonghyun, but as soon as he saw me, he shouted.)

JH: Give me one! Why do you not give me anything!!!
Fan: (So flustered) Ah…
JH: (continued to complain while signing) What was it? Was it a poem book?
Fan: (flustered, stuttering) Ah his drama… about his character…
(Jonghyun was signing)
Fan: Ah… I have a question. You don’t need to tell a honest answer, but please answer me which will make me happy.
JH: What’s the question?
Fan: Which do you like more, me or pork soup?
JH: Pork soup.
Fan: I knew you said that. TT.TT
JH: (Pointing MH’s book) You didn’t give that to me.
Fan: I didn’t, because I knew you said like this.
(Shaking hands) I will give you one at next fan signing event.

(Jonghyun smiled at me brightly, I must go to the fan signing event again, to present him a book.)

translation by saturn.@soompi

fan: you look happy today
jonghyun: its because i ate dinner then came here
fan: you ate dinner already?
jonghyun: kalbi tang (beef rip soup) (said it brightly)

galbi tang: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galbitang

credits : DC JYH

translation by: @blue_jus7

shared by @LimelsnstSour

[Breaking News] JongHyun can’t stop loving pork soup

Today In ShimShimTapa Radio Show, JongHyun & JungShin was asked to picked one girl each out of Rainbow.

JungShin picked Jaekyung, because they’ve known each other  for 2 years.Jaekyung brother is FNC trainee now.

While JongHyun chose Woori, because he has watched her on TV eating PORK SOUP so deliciously.

credit: @saturnkr

TT_TT Pork Soup is my rival now


A Gorgeous Pedophile: Lee JongHyun

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He is pedo!!! kiddin… he’s crazy bout kids …*ahh he will be a good father i hope*

There is fanaccount said that JongHyun playing with little girl in a flight

He even nicknamed as Baby Ulzzang in his predebut days

because of these photos:

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Lee JongHyun Lord of The Rings

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Ring No. 1

-this ring first spotted at 14/1/2010 (1st CNBLUE Korean showcase)

-he has been wearing it in almost every cf, show,concerts and tv appearance

-lately he rarely wear it , and changed  his favourite ring to Ring No.2

Ring No.2

– It is Tiffany & Co Ring

– Square shape ring

– Gift from Korean fans *ahhh lucky fans*

Ring No.3

*the ring on middle finger*

-I called it JongHwa couple ring hehe~

-YongHwa spotted wearing same ring before

-Maybe YongHwa n JongHyun sharing same ring or JongHyun steal it form YongHwa